AI Storytelling APP

Research and Prototype in Collaboration with

Serrino Liu

Advised by

Jose Luis Garcia del Castillo Lopez

Myth, Fairytale, story and so on are delivered by word of mouth from human to human. This process is a human-dominated process of information reconstruction that are conceptually like machine learning’s principles.

The classics of Fantasies is the modern evolution of a collection of chinese traditional mythological animals from the "Classic of Mountains and Seas". It draws selected social and natural history information and cocreate with AI an imaginative life form of the animals in corresponding age.

KEYWORDS: Accuracy; Evolutionism; Historical data;Myth; Evolution; Current Creatures vs. Extinct vs. Mythological creatures;Education; Imagination; New Form of Collaboration; Human-machine Cocreation


The "Mountain and Sea Classic - the Great Wilderness North Scriptures" says: "In the middle of the Great Wilderness, there is a mountain named Arctic cabinet. The sea water is injected in the north. There is a god with nine heads, human face and bird body, named the nine phoenixes".


The "Mountain and Sea Classic - the Southern Mountain Scriptures" says: "And 300 miles to the east, it is called Ji Mountain, whose sun is full of jade and whose shade is full of strange wood. There is a beast that looks like a sheep, with nine tails and four ears, and its eyes are on its back, and its name is called the bó yí, and who wears it will be fearless."


The "Mountain and Sea Classic - the Southern Mountain Scriptures" says: "And 500 miles east, said the deer Wu of the mountain, no grass and trees, more gold and stone. Ze more water out of it, and the south flow of water injected in the pouring water, the water has a beast, named compulsion eagle, its shape like a carving and has a horn, its voice like a baby's voice, is eating people."

Influential Factors (PromptGeneration)
The influential factors contain both natural and human aspect that starts from end of the last ice age when humans started to first evolve. In total the experiment provides 7 list of factors that divide the time from 8500BC to 2020 according to the numbers of big events in human records.
Creature Evolution (Image Generation)
After generated the influential factors, the factors will be stored in the interactive application to be append to the basic description of the creature that the participant select.The text prompt of the seven stages is determined when the participate chose acreature to start with.

The following process example is createdunder the selection of “九鳳 [jiǔ fèng]”, the nine-headed bird.





DeepL Translation

“There is a god with nine heads, human face and bird body, namednine phoenixes”


Abstracted Original Prompt

“Nine-headed, phoenix, wings”


Sample Start Prompt in thefirst timeframe

“Nine-headed, phoenix, wings, flying, dynamicpose, melting ice, rising sea level, glacier receding"

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