THE MACHINE - Festephemera
Fictional Commercials

Collaboration with

Andreas Schermann

Ricky Runfola

Special Thanks to

Lucy McRae

Attilio Bonelli


The festival culture suffered a major blow due to the pandemic.

Festival attendees didn’t realize what kind of impact an escape frommundane life would leave on their everyday consciousness. To lose thissensory amplifying ritual left and unexpected void in the hearts of thosewho religiously participate in live event culture.

Events are slowly coming back, but the void in the hearts of many are stillin reparation. We at Festephemera have realized that we can no longeraccept the risks of being deprived from the ephemeral ritual of sensory overload and mega event phenomenons.

We asked ourselves, how can we create a series of ritualistic experience devices that transcend their users into abstraction of the sensory overload experiences that were only activated within a ritualistic festival journey.

Our solution?

Introducing Festephemera Corps new product line,“THE MACHINE”

// Short Film
// Unreal Engine
// Environment Art
// World Building
Speculative Short Film
// Interactive Exhibition
// Unreal Engine Blueprints
// OSC // Game Controller
D' Sync
Interactive Projection Installation
// Short Film
// Unreal Engine
// Environment Art
// World Building
The Ninth Wave
Speculative Game Trailer
// Short Film
// AI/Machine Learning
//Cinema4d // generative art
DOG: Dream of Galaxy
AI Aided Film
// Interactive Installation
// Environment Art
// Depth Camera
// Unreal Engine Blueprints
Lilith Aeon
Realtime Interactive LED Installation
// software dev
// audio-visual //uiux
// multi-user
// unreal engine blueprints
Realtime VJ Tool
// Ai/Machine Learning
// Houdini // Cinema4d
// responsive Environment
Neural Bodies
Motion Design
// Animation
// Cinema4d
// Interactive Experience
Lumin Lodge
Immersive Experience
// Product Design
// Cinematic Ads
// Interactive
The Machine
Speculative Product Design + Commercial
// Product Design
// AI/Machine Learning
// Unity
// Generative Art
Classic of Fantasies
AI Product Design
// AR // Unity
// Hololens
// Interactive Exhibition
// Digital Fabrication
Curved Notion
AR Aided Digital Fabrication
// Facial Capture
// TouchDesigner
// Interactives
Album Dream
Interactive Projection
// Interavtive Sculpture
// Arduino
// Acutaed material
1001 Flowers
Responsive Sculpture
// Product Design
// Fabrication
// Digital Sculpture
The Rock that You Can
Digital Sculpture
// Video Essay
// Maya
// Animation
// World Building
Rod in the Forest
Video Essay
// Procedural Tools
// software // Python
// Unreal Engine Blueprints
Tool Development