Realtime Audio Visual Creation Software
2023 May - Aug

Role - Creative Intern | Unreal Engine Blueprint & UI Dev, Asset Creation and Serialization

MXR ("Mixer") is a revolutionary creator tool tailored for music and creative audio visual projects. Native 3D rendering creates rich visuals for traditional 2D displays or immersing XR devices and applications.

MXR pre-release beta is currently available on Steam and Epic Game Store and is currently scheduled for showing at Coachella 2024.

In Game Demo

Early-stage contribution to the tool in demo video, Showcased with permission from MXR design Team Copyright © 2024 PULL. All rights reserved.

Extended Application

MXR was subsequently featured at different venues, transforming into diverse interactive experiences built on MXR's internal version. For a detailed understanding and the latest developments, please visit the offical websites below.

Please note: My involvement was with the initial development of the MXR tool and did not extend to the extended applications and showcases.