D' Sync
Unreal Interactive Experience

Collaboration with

Amber Yuheng Zhu

Jon Penvose

Special Thanks to

David Ruy

Most objects that you find on a podium in the center of a gallery are kept behind felt ropes and behind thick glass. Often accompanied by sign saying either, "do not touch" or "keep out of reach from children".

Object (Model_05292002) located in this gallery is the opposite. It does not want to be looked at, it wants to be held. To be felt and lifted up from it's podium. The motions of this model and the users interaction when holding it affect how the scene appears and changes on the wall.

D'Sync is a de-synchronized remote capable of manipulating the scene you see on the wall before you. Each nudge, rotation, and wiggle creates an event. You must engage with this model to see the full effects and to become a part of the changes it inspires. But there is only one way to find out. That is to pick it up.

But, who knows? It may even listen and react if you talk to it.



- In Game

orientation == flood
light == time
gyroscope == world rotation
acceleration == style change

Technical Demo

Environments - In Game

Behind the Scenes

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