Design Speculative Concept Arts

Research and Prototype with

Austin Lightle

Jordan Schuermann

In the world loaded with design resources and tool, designs could happen before a need and design intention. It becomes a process of sampling and processing, which does not necessarily need human participations.

When computer aids designers more than the designer could control, then we must maintain our authorship in discovering a new approach to functions and needs. The functions could be found and assigned, rather than being the design origin. It is a search of taxonomy system of things through scanning, mapping and reproducing.

Then, a rock, or any rock can be a rock that you can...

If function/application come after the form.

If function/application can be forced.

If function/application is the result rather than reason.

Then --

Rock Taxonomy


That is a good shelf.

That you could sit on.

That you can throw far.

That does this and that.

That you can get lost in.

That is a good mountain.

That you would sleep on.

That you can eat soup out of.

That you could use as a loofah.

That you can use as a tenderizer.

That you would build a wall out of.

That Preston Scott Cohen would turn into a museum.

Catalog of Manipulation
// Short Film
// Unreal Engine
// Environment Art
// World Building
Speculative Short Film
// Interactive Exhibition
// Unreal Engine Blueprints
// OSC // Game Controller
D' Sync
Interactive Projection Installation
// Short Film
// Unreal Engine
// Environment Art
// World Building
The Ninth Wave
Speculative Game Trailer
// Short Film
// AI/Machine Learning
//Cinema4d // generative art
DOG: Dream of Galaxy
AI Aided Film
// Interactive Installation
// Environment Art
// Depth Camera
// Unreal Engine Blueprints
Lilith Aeon
Realtime Interactive LED Installation
// software dev
// audio-visual //uiux
// multi-user
// unreal engine blueprints
Realtime VJ Tool
// Ai/Machine Learning
// Houdini // Cinema4d
// responsive Environment
Neural Bodies
Motion Design
// Animation
// Cinema4d
// Interactive Experience
Lumin Lodge
Immersive Experience
// Product Design
// Cinematic Ads
// Interactive
The Machine
Speculative Product Design + Commercial
// Product Design
// AI/Machine Learning
// Unity
// Generative Art
Classic of Fantasies
AI Product Design
// AR // Unity
// Hololens
// Interactive Exhibition
// Digital Fabrication
Curved Notion
AR Aided Digital Fabrication
// Facial Capture
// TouchDesigner
// Interactives
Album Dream
Interactive Projection
// Interavtive Sculpture
// Arduino
// Acutaed material
1001 Flowers
Responsive Sculpture
// Product Design
// Fabrication
// Digital Sculpture
The Rock that You Can
Digital Sculpture
// Video Essay
// Maya
// Animation
// World Building
Rod in the Forest
Video Essay
// Procedural Tools
// software // Python
// Unreal Engine Blueprints
Tool Development