Speculative Animated Sci-Fi Short Film

Role - Director | All 3D Aspects

With virtual augmentation become indistinguishable from reality, the physical world became the mere infrastructure. Just for providing surfaces and markers for virtual content to perform, the physical does not need to be pretty. The physical world is recycled again and again, building upon wasted objects and memories, as the virtual continues to move on.

Erasure is a scene collection about the city of virtual surfaces. It captures the waking up and falling asleep of the virtual city as it contrast with the persistent and even chaotic physical. The short pries into banal human lifes that does not usually render in a future fantasy, with occasional glitches and a relaxing purity.

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Animation & VFX
Character Design & Animation
Sound FX
Temp Sound
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Music Track I
Music Track II
Candice Wu
Jon Lott
Candice Wu
Amber Yuheng Zhu
Candice Wu
Serrino Liu
Liam Young
Alexey Marfin
Shuruq Tramontini
Andre Zakhya
Nix Liu Xin

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